Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I must admit I find the achievement system quite fun. The reason is simply because I can go back to places I had no reason to, explore the odd area that I never visited or do some low level quests which now have a meaning but are also very relaxing.
The way the achievements are implemented allows the player to do something in game while staying within to the time constrains of real life. You got lots of time but your guild is not raiding today? You can do a long chain, kill a faction boss (if there are enough likeminded people in your server), solo an instance that you miss or do some quests for the lore master title. You got only 15 min before dinner is ready? Go fish in IF :-p

However I got a few things to point out:

1. Achievements are the PvErs arena points. The first in-game PvE rating system (including ofc pvp objectives as well) along with the now-feats-of-strength titles. Quite nicely coupled with the competitive nature of most wow players.

2. They won’t last forever. Unless new are added as we go along. The first remark means that over the course of time what is now available will be completed. If not new ones are added (which probably will) it will be like a game-over type of thing.

3. Even the PvP Boss objectives got a PvE flavour. I consider going and killing Sylvanas (which we did yesterday) a nice chance to taunt the opposite faction. I must admit that being a lore fan I always thought these PvP encounters were part of PvE in the broader sense. I mean, at the end of the day that tauren is part of the environment and he is standing on my way... right? :p

4. Some achievements are humorous and fun. Others are tough and rewarding. Others are simply to back up your /played. All are to boast.

Overall I consider achievements a fun addition. Most importantly, an excuse for me to cover for the missed in-game opportunities due to my compulsory army service :p

Sylvanas went down yesterday. A nice raid, made from Club, Alter Ego, Genesis and a couple of Escape members went and killed the Forsaken leader (cool avatar nowadays!) while a raid made from one of the top guilds came late, stood and looked. Rumours that they logged their Horde toons to stall us are being investigated... Sorry guys :p


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