Thursday, 27 November 2008

A first look on heroic performance

Its been quite a few days since I posted as I was up to my neck with work and my spare time went in game.
Lance is now lvl 80, Holy spec-ed and I am starting to adjust to the new talents, rotations and the new game play.

I have not visited any normal instances yet as Holy but I did visit Culling and Dark'Tharon in heroic modes. My observations are...

Healing is much more interactive now. The cost of spells is bigger, you can not rely on passive mana management and you need to keep an eye on your bar and cool downs. Divine plea is a massive addition if used timely, often and whenever possible. It will extent uptime, it will compensate for emergencies and it will keep you going longer. The numbers are not of my concern for the time being as I have not gotten the feel of it in many instances.

Holy shock is marvellous filler for emergencies and once we get the hand of it we will couple it with fast follow-up heals with Infusion. Tricky but quite doable and as far as I see it fun.

Holy Light is now quite different as down-ranking is a no-no. So its a pure nuke heal. Crit, Mana per 5 and heal need to be adjusted for longevity and net effect. How this will develop... its quite early for me to say.

Sacred Shield has a nice graphic but I have not yet fully appreciated its use.

Longevity in my current tier6 gear is a question though. I see my mana bar dropping sometimes a bit more than I am used to. But hey, its a start.

Overall, healing with the Paladin seems fun to me. If only our solo dps was a tad more exciting, I would be pleased


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