Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Arthas & Co. will have to wait

So here we are... Patch 3.3 imminent, wedding imminent and I am ready to go all guns blazing. I hope I do not confuse the church with Icecrown and yell to the priest (the real one...) 'die Arthas'!!!

Oh well, I bet you can imagine how I feel now. My guild is about to venture to Icecrown, the very instance I waited for years. They are ready to unleash our newly-replenished, mighty, raiding-team to fight the Scourge and get epic and legendary loot. Ready to crunch our way to the ranking ladder once again. Eager to slay all those that oppose us and forcefully immerse themselves to the ending of the most popular part of the Warcraft lore. Well, as much of the lore as they will see in a couple of weeks, anyway...

Nevertheless, I wont be around. Not for a while at least. Although, I will have a brief chance to see the new instances in the next couple of days till the wedding. Well, that is if my wife-to-be allows me to do so... You know how women are...

I am happy because the guild has seemingly recovered from a bad period when it comes to raiding. But we kept our cool and our composure and we are back again with what appears like a capable roster. And we will continue to strengthen more. And if all goes as planned, get some nice ranking kills. I will be away for two weeks and I am confident my guildmates will carve their way into Icecrown.

On the other hand I am about to enter a new territory in my real life. That of a married man. Whatever than means. Sounds like a role-playing thing if you ask me. Without the dragons. Well, the non-hostile ones :p. And epic rings. I am not sure what lies ahead. Only thing I know is that me, my wife and our dog are about to enter a new era. And I feel good about that too.

So, just as Escape will unleash hell to Icecrown, we will visit NYC for our honeymoon and the ultimate urban fix.

Arthas will have to wait till we get back. See ya in a couple of weeks.


Jong 17 December 2009 at 03:50  

have fun!

see you see in a few weeks!

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