Thursday, 29 January 2009

Quick 'n dirty

Work has been somewhat hectic the last few days and I am trying to fit everything in my schedule. I wanted to post about a few things here - after all as a new blogger I need to pick up pace :p - but things often get out of hand. Still, I had the time to follow my guilds schedule and the Sarth3D tries. Those went fairly well but we still need a few tweaks to nail that. In order not to loose the kill last Tuesday, after a fair amount of tries we decided to do the 2D flavour for a first time. Get the kill and have some challenge we thought. Still, after one failed try we pulled it through fairly easily. And that left a bitter taste. 3D is the challenge and we will be visiting again this week.

On a personal level I still need to catch up with some reputations and achievements. I have been fortunate enough to complete the 25-man content, complete my tier7 holy set and now shifting focus on the odd retry, in hope that the dual specs will crop soonish. Almost all my peripheral items (weapons, trinkets, shields etc) are of a good level (200-213 if I am not mistaken the numbers) and I'd rather allow other people in the guild get what they need. Still, I am going to be there if numbers allow because after all raiding is a relaxation for me (imagine that!)

Nonetheless, my achievements still lack (currently about 4.2K points) and there are things I still need. I became exalted with Kaluak and Sons for the fishing-pole and the shoulders enchants respectively, raised my rep with Kirin and Wyrmcrest for the head enchants and got the hog schematics. Now that the 1st tier of personal targets is complete, it is time to move to the next one. That includes:

  • Become exalted with Kirin, Wyrmcrest and Ebon
  • Start the Oracle dailies
  • Complete some leftover achievements both for PvP (still got to kill 1-2 hordes in Silvermoon :p) and PvE (loads of instances to do there as well as complete Elder of the Dungeons)
  • Try to save up some money in hope I will craft my own Lancey Davidson hog

The latter seems to be rather tricky with my playing schedule as most of my profits the last few weeks went to consumables/repairs for the Sarth3D tries. Still I managed to have some profit overall. A long way to go there, as I am not much of a trader and stand in awe on how adept some people are in such things.

All is well for my warrior of light, but like the real me, there is always something more to gain...


P.S. I installed the Powered by Wowhead code but unfortuantely can not test it now as I am behind a company firewall. Will get to that tonight from home.


Jong 30 January 2009 at 04:44  

i hope you guys knock out sarth+3d next week.

i'm running out of stuff to read at work. you gotta updated more often.

Lance 30 January 2009 at 16:55  

I wish I could but work is kinda hectic ;p

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