Monday, 2 February 2009

'Prompting' down the memory lane

I am currently working on a telecom company and recently I started working on a new platform for telephony charging. One fine day we got a new Solaris box and we asked from our It department to do the mandatory patching; put the box in the company network etc. Once the system was ready I got an email with the IP and all the info I needed to log in through SSH.

So, I log in and I freeze. I stand in awe... the network name of the machine...


I knew the guy that set it up, I knew that he was a more-or-less casual wow gamer. But seeing that name brought some fine memories. When raiding with other 39 players was truly an epic adventure. When the world seemed vast, the stories behind events long and the warmth of adventuring fulfilling.

I am not sure what follows as far as the lore and the depth of the story in Warcraft are concerned. You see, the good old Wow was more or less the next bit after Warcraft 3. But without messing up much of the story. Players were, more or less, in the same point, quests involved 'lesser' characters and the `ghost' of some personalities was there to remind us of the 'drama' and the 'suffering'. I am not sure how many of us, that knew the lore beforehand, expected to face Arthas, or even Illidan, Kael and Vashj. It kind of felt romantic thinking of those characters. You knew they existed but they were off-limits.

TBC changed all that in a somewhat blunt way. We faced certain lore characters but without knowing what they have done. Or at least it was not presented as much as I would want. How many for example knew who Vashj was. In any case, people thought there was not much reasoning in killing those figures (apart from the loot that is :-p).

Blizzard acknowledged that and tried to make lore more accessible. And they did it in a clever way, I must admit. Throughout questing people get to see the fall of Arthas, through the Culling, betraying his soldiers, obtaining Frostmourne etc. Although I have my doubts on how many people absorbed the information due to frantic levelling, it was there for us to see. Possibly go back to WC3 and have a look too. Other important figures just appeared and their doings hopefully will be presented to - like Rhonin, Krasus etc.

Yet, seeing Arthas up close and personal leaves me with a bitter taste. Not because I do not appreciate the visual, or the way it appears through questing etc. But because some of those `untouchable' heroes were just that. Out of our reach. Legendary because we could not see them...

Still, the story evolves. We are now about to step in to a new part of it, exploring the Giants legacy. At the same time we are about to close (?) the chapter of the fallen prince. And within all that dive into a new era of conflict among the Alliance and the Horde.

Yes, seeing that name on my Solaris prompt made me laugh. Then it made me sad for all the battles and the stories I lived through with Lance. But now, its time to wright the new chapters. And for sad punters like me, who adore the story of Warcraft, its something to look forward to...


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