Thursday, 26 February 2009

Its been a hard day's night...

...and I've been crawling uptomyneckin work (concatenated to fit with the Beatles tune...)

Nonetheless I had some time to download the PTR, had been proactive in copying Lance to Brill PvP and have been patient with the frequent crashes. Not sure how is the PTR for you guys in the US, but back here in EU the crashes are as frequent as hell.

But I had some time to look around the dual-specs thingy, the switching, the gear manager and flew over the Argent Tournament `hotspot'. The spec-switching, bar & glyph switching seem well handled, simple and quite solid. Apparently there is an option for using a talent template prior to saving the talent tree and that can be activated in the general options.

I was positively impressed with the Argent Tournament area. Secluded, right up to the end/edge of the worlds. Reminded me of Mos Eisley for some reason...go figure... Still, the `Argent' term seems confusing. Is this held from the Argent Crusade? What is it, the Olympics of Wow? Will dig a bit over things during the weekend as we have a 3-day weekend here (next Monday is Pure Monday) and I will stick my head out of the work-swamp. I am interested on what `lore' justification Blizzard will come up with for such a competitive festivity...

On another note, various data-mined rewards appeared in mmo-champion. One thing caught my eye, mentioned in the past hen WotLK was introduced. The Stormwind Tabard. Now Lance can wear his homeland's colours around.

Nothing much to add, work has been hectic and I got to go back. Will be back tonight for that screenshot meme, as per Sucidal Zebra's command :)


Holy Pally 27 February 2009 at 20:57  

I'm so jealous! I haven't had chance to go on PTR but I usually don't =X This is first time as raider, I've been at a point in progression where we look ahead to what Blizzard will release next...

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