Monday, 25 May 2009

What do you remember...

Averna tagged me with her meme and I must say, its a nice subject, brought a smile on my face after thinking of the past... Apologies for being late, work was rather hectic.

What do you remember about being a newbie... The good old days, indeed.

  • As soon as I logged in, my dear friend Elisdav invited me to my first guild Maza of Crushridge. Elisdav was at the time studying for his PhD along with me in the University of Essex. So, truth be told, I was never guildless. Well, a few sec maybe :p
  • I started going around smacking things. I do not remember using any of my abilities to start with, just auto-attack everything. I almost got a stroke when I died for the first time...
  • I was immediately called 'Lance'. My toon's original name is Lancebit (derived from Lancelot) but I do not think I have been called Lancebit more than a couple of times during my 4 year career as a Paladin...
  • Elisdav chipped in and bought me a Searing Blade. I was the most fearsome paladin ever... withing two yards of my standing point...
  • I was dragged into Deadmines with Pizzaman and Maluska (or something...). People I did not know. People I eventualy met and hang out with...
  • I thought at the time those lvl 60 players were Gods!!
  • I once say Blessing of Kings casted on me during a 'rumble' in Southsore (brings a tear in my eye... world PvP at its best)... and SoC on a fellow paladin. I started looking where they got these toys... Talents... that figures... so that's what that menu is for!!!
  • I was then praying for a Soc Proc just to see Lance jump in fury and slam that two-hander. At least I got the two-hander part right...
  • I had no idea what a tank is. Why the hell they call it a tank. Is it a vehicle?
  • I remember standing thunderstruck when my friend Dentrag used Buff-ahoy to buff in Uldaman. It had a 'say'-bubble confirmation that you were about to buff. An add-on... what the hell is an add-on...
  • And then came level 60. That's when things started falling into place... I went with Elisdav and some other friends in Dire Maul. Apparently... I was one of the healers. Yes, we had two, don't ask me why, it was 4 years ago :p. At the time I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do. And that became quite apparent. The other healer, a druid named Debran went ballistic with me. And there I am, ruining their instance...
  • Eventually I caught up with times. I was thrilled when I completed my 1st 5man, along with one of Escape's current MTs. Yes, we go a loooong way back. I remember it was Stratholme, both sides. Till now, I consider it the most entertaining instance ever.
  • I went ballistic when another Paladin casted DI on me in a UBRS run. I had no idea what it was. You can imagine... I though my keyboard was dead... (naab...)
  • I used to see paladins wearing Lighforge and thought it was cool. Then I say Lawbringer and said to myself that's impossible for me to get... (I got the shoulders, the only piece missing a few months ago in an MC achievement run! ha! gotcha!)

Now I am wearing a purple-red brown skirt those people in game call tier8.5 or sumthin... I still visit Stratholme, thinking of my old team-mates / friends. Good thing I'll meet them for coffee this or the next weekend to talk about Guitar Hero... Elisdav, I know you read this from time to time... I blame you for everything...

Now, lets tag Jong , Firelight , Vaadren and Jesper in his personal blog.


Sojourner 25 May 2009 at 13:18  
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Sojourner 25 May 2009 at 13:24  

Some of those stories bring back memories, I started my wow career on the US realms and went with the name...... wait for it .....Lancelots (Duskwood realm).

I ran around with a guild called midnight stalkers, not having a clue about my class at all, I was familiar with talent trees purely from my Diablo playing days as a..... You guessed it, a Paladin.

I had no clue of what the talents did so I specced into holy, seemed logical at the time to do damage with (Noob), and proceeded to go heal Deadmines with my GM at the time. I was then sword a board for what seemed like an eternity until I was told I could pay to respec, wow, that seemed cool, thinking that I had to spend one gold per talent point. Boy was I clueless, even with getting SOC I still continued with Sword and Board, I then saw the light and went 2H with my trusty Verigan's fist.

Jong 27 May 2009 at 03:00  

tagging denied! i can't think of anything fun to write. which is a shame because this is the first time anyone's ever tagged me.

i hadn't realize where lancebit came from. haha i like it.

Shamrockgirl 27 May 2009 at 06:01  

some of the most memorable moments are the noob ones. i remember the first time i died i thought i would have to start over. this would have been very frustrating if it was true as i died several times just in the starting area. i also remember being invited to a guild around level 11 or so and asking my hubby why i would need to be in a guild? now, a few years later, i find it difficult to even roll an alt and not guild them immediately.

Lance 27 May 2009 at 09:51  

/target Jong

No worries Jong :-p

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